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Outdoor Recess at Rose School

Students should arrive at school prepared to go outside for recess EVERY DAY.
Unless the actual temperature or wind chill is below zero, or it is raining,
  • Grades K-5 have about 10-12 minutes of recess before school (length varies depending on arrival time) and 20 minutes of recess at lunch time.
  • Grades 1 and 2 have an additional 15 minute recess twice a week.
  • Kindergartners have 20 minutes of lunch recess and other opportunities to play outside at their teachers' discretion.
  • All students go outside at the end of the day to get in cars, vans, or buses.
If your child can not find his/her coat, please check the Lost and Found next time you're in the building.  We have lots of lost items including hats, coats, sweaters, mittens, gloves, lunch boxes, water bottles,  sweatshirts, jackets, plastic lunch containers, gym shoes, head bands, toys, and more!