H2O for Life
2015 - 2016 - School and involvement TBD.  Due to our new Colt time, the ability to do H2O for Life activities in not yet determined. 
2014 - 2015 was another successful year for H2O for Life.  We reached our goal and helped Mokheri School in India get clean water, latrines, handwashing stations and sanitation education.  Thank you to all involved in this massive endeavor!
 Final Event of 2015  was a Dunk Tank and Donuts Day on May 29.  Students had a chance to dunk and Prairie staff member for $1.00 and a chance to buy donuts for $1.00.  All profits went to H2O for Life.  This even took place in advisory.
Duct "Duck" Tape Event 
Another successful activity raising over $1,000.00 for our school.  A special thank you to Mr. Lobbins and Mr. Choate for being duct taped to the pillar of the lunchroom.  A special thank you to Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Gordon for helping us raise so much money:)
Live Streaming Event
This event is a special presentation sponsored by Water for South Sudan involving Salva Dut and Linda Sue Park talking about the story behind "A Long Walk to Water" as well as more recent developments for Salva and the new nation of South Sudan.
To read more about this event, view the website below:
A recording of the event will be available for a limited time, from Friday, Oct. 10 until Friday, Oct. 24. Please check back to the above website after Oct. 10  to access the recording. 
Over the past several years, students and staff at Prairie have been engaging in a collective effort to support students in  third world countries and promote increased global awareness at the same time. We have been  working through H2O for Life to provide a water connection to schools throughout the world  so that students can have access to clean water and hygiene education. Visit http://www.h2oforlifeschools.org/ for more information
Walk for Water  - Huge success - Raised over $2,000.00 for our school.
Thank you for all who walked, sponsored walkers, or donated money.  

Our first activity for 2014-2015:  Ear bud and hoodie sale!
Buy our new ear buds in a great carrier with the H2O for Life logo and a unique zipper that keeps them from getting tangled for only $10.00. Available in blue, white or red!
Buy a colorful hoodie with the H2O for Life logo for only $22.00.  We have all sizes now, so get a hoodie while your favorite color and size are available.  
All profits on the sale of these go to our sponsored school.  

Students in South Sudan, our sponsored school for the 2013-2014 school year, are now enjoying clean water from the well built by our school!  Look at the photos below to see the outcome of all our hard work and all the wonderful support we had to raise $8,250.00 for South Sudan.  We have truly made a difference in the lives of these students and their families. 
 South Sudan School
South Sudan School with Banner  
 Sponsored School for 2014-2015
Mokheri Primary School, India
$4,950.00 needed for this project

Email Mrs. Gordon if you have questions:  kgordon@barrington220.org

Prairie has been involved in H2O for Life for 5 years now!  We have helped schools in many countries throughout the world get the precious gift of water.  Our history of involvement:
Mutojo Primary School, Uganda - $5,000.00
Malindindo School, Tanzania - $2,500.00
Puerto Firmeza, Peru- $1,250.
Centro Escolar Canton Las Tables, El Salvador - $1,500.00
Chesegem Primary School, Kenya - $1,000.00
Ganzi Primary School, Sudan- $1,500.00
Uhelela Primary, Tanzania - $1,400.00
Mondimela Primary School - $6,585.00
South Sudan - $8,250.00
Mokheri Primary School, India
 Visit our H2O for Life website: 
Veronica Jones from Barrington Life wrote a story about Prairie and H2O for Life:  
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All contributions made to H2O for Life are tax deductible.  If you would like to make a contribution, please send a check to school made out to H2O for Life with your son/daughter to give to Mrs. Gordon who will send you a tax receipt.  
See Mr. Kramer from Prairie on Good Morning America with H2O for Life

Joins us in Learning about Water:

View our PowerPoint to - Learn More About Water Usage
If you have questions about H2O for Life, please email Mrs. Gordon or Mr. M. Gordon.