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District Dashboard

Barrington 220 has created a Quality Frameworks District Dashboard to monitor progress in areas conducive to fostering a quality school system and quality schools. Much like a car"s dashboard, it provides a quick glance at key indicators to monitor our patterns of success in working with students and operating the school district. Additionally, it provides citizens, staff, and students with an additional avenue for transparency and communication within our community.

One caveat is important to note. Not everything we teach that is core to our mission is measureable. Howard Gardner in his book Five Minds for the Future, contends the students of the future will need disciplinary minds (mastery of major schools of thought), synthesizing minds, creating minds, respectful minds, and ethical minds. Our teachers spend time nurturing these dispositions in students, but metrics do not (and may never) exist for their assessment beyond how our graduates ultimately choose to live their lives.

The entry cover page, Quality Framework District Dashboard, shows a quick glance of the five Quality Frameworks. By clicking on the “details” button, more information is provided for each Quality Framework area. The Quality Frameworks are as follows:

Student Success: Measures students’ academic achievement (national, state, and local tests), membership (participation in co-curricular activities and athletics), and engagement (attendance rates, graduation rates, and attendance at 2 or 4 year universities).

Quality Staff: Measures teachers’ level of education, average years of experience, and number with National Board Certification (a voluntary rigorous certification process beyond what is required by the state).
Positive School Culture and Community Trust: Reports categorized results of parent satisfaction survey administered every year to all Barrington 220 parents.

Financial Stability and Fiscal Health: Reports ratings by outside agencies related to financial health, displays projected fund balances and other metrics of financial solvency.

Safe and Adequate Facilities: Reports results of inspections by state facility compliance regulators and district ratings in using eco-sensitive processes,
procedures in the cleaning of buildings, and a summary of capital improvement projects by any building .

Enjoy learning more about Barrington 220!