Academic Resource Center

Teachers: to send a retake, make-up, or assignment to the ARC or to refer students for work time:  Print, submit online, and attach the ARC REQUEST FORM 

"The most common way people give away their power is by thinking they don't have any."

-Alice Walker 

Take hold of your power!  Welcome to the ARC

The ARC is staffed periods 1-8 with classroom teachers from the departments of English, Science, and Social Studies.  Drop in on your open or lunch hour to get some work done!  You can work independently or with a teacher to answer any questions- your choice!

We also have peer tutors available. 




OF SERVICES          






Come on in to the ARC during your lunch or off-hour for support with homework, test prep help, special projects or independent work with teachers nearby in case you need assistance



Special Projects



Meet with Mrs. Lawson or one of our teacher staff members to help you organize and execute your project



Staying on Track



 Meet with Mrs. Lawson or one of our teacher staff members to teach you helpful strategies to break down your content and reading 


Test Retakes

Test Make-ups      

Your teacher will submit a test request form here on the ARC website


After School only,not during the school day 


Teacher Referral



Your teacher may support your learning by referring you to the ARC for support in your content or learning strategies

Peer Tutoring



We often learn best from our peers.  We share common language and experience, so it's helpful to hear content and strategy from our peers




Regular Appointments



See Mrs. Lawson to get you set up in regular sessions with one of our peer tutors or classroom teachers





Need a place to land?  Feel overwhelmed?  Come in and connect with us to make school life easier and more manageable 

Don't give away your power!  Ask for help!





Located in the West Section of the Library


Teachers periods 1-8

Retakes periods 1-9

Make-ups period 9 only

Independent study 1-9

Food is no longer allowed in the ARC 



Candi Lawson


ARC Coordinator


RtI Facilitator








Applications on sign-in table in the ARC


 Teachers you must be signed into BHS as staff to view this link