Social Studies Department




Mission Statement:
The Barrington High School social studies department is dedicated to developing skilled, knowledgeable, and concerned citizens of the community, nation, and world. 


Enduring Understandings:
Upon completion of the District 220 social studies curriculum, students should understand that
  • Critical thinking is essential for making informed decisions and developing significant ideas.
  • Where we live and how we live affect who we are.
  • Learning about ourselves and others, past and present, allows us to effectively interact in a global society.
  • Culture is both a product and a producer of the values and ideas of a society and its people.
  • The success of our democratic society depends on the responsible actions of its citizens.




Our goal is to prepare students to contribute to the 21st century world by helping them develop the necessary literacy, technology, and thinking skills.



Our goal is to select and present content that will provide students with a comprehensive knowledge base in the social sciences.



Our goal is to foster in students the awareness, desire, and knowledge needed to effectively participate in our democratic society.