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Need Volunteer Hours? Help us in the library! Fill out this form! 

bernie's  ATTENTION National Honor Society Members!

Do you need volunteer hours?  You can pick up 4.5 hours volunteering at Bernie's Book Bank.
What is Bernie's Book Bank? How does it work?
Bernie's Book Bank is where all those donated books went that we collected and donated 2 weeks ago. Now we get to see the side of Bernie's where the books are processed, bagged, and readied for shipment to kids!
Bernie's is organized similar to Feed My Starving Children. We will go there and they will show us what to do, then we will spend 2 hours doing it. We will come straight back home. 
When? Thursday, April 6th  (first Thursday after we return from Spring Break)
Bus leaves BHS 2:45 PM  
Returns Aprox 7:15 PM
THE FIRST 60 people to return these forms are going. Then the event will be closed.
Forms may be downloaded here 
Forms may be filled out, scanned and then returned via email to Mrs. Anderson
BOTH forms must be filled out and signed by student AND parent.  
Forms may also be brought to the library...which ever you think is fastest. 

Please keep in mind that  this is a popular event and will fill quickly!

If you can fill them out and return them before break, your chances of getting in are much higher. We are on break next week.
Those students who email me during the break will come before any students who return in person on Monday.  
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